Fitting the Classic Grille

The Jimny ‘Classic’ grille with white Suzuki script logo was something i’d been wanting to get my hands on since ordering my Jimny as for me it completes the exterior look of the car. I recently got one thanks to the guys at Jenkins Group Suzuki in Cardiff, and here’s a quick guide on how to fit it.

Part number: 9911C-78R00-ZS
Tools needed: x1 philips screwdriver, x1 flat head screwdriver
Fitting time: under 15 minutes


Step 1

Locate two circular plastic clips on in-between the top of the grille and radiator, raise up using flat head screwdriver and remove completely.



Step 2

As the indicator modules need attaching to the new grille you need to reach behind the headlight/indicator area and disconnect the indicator bulb as per the above.


Step 3

Tucked away at the bottom of the grille are the above plastic clips (one on each side) use the phillips screwdriver and turn 90 degrees to release the clip.

Step 4

Once the top clips have been removed, indictor bulb disconnected and lower clips released the grille should feel slightly loose and ready to be removed. To remove pull on the grille with force and it will come free of it’s mountings.

Step 5

Once the grille is removed simply unscrew the indicator modules and attach to the new grille in the same location. Note the new grille already comes with white fixing clips attached for easy fitting.

Step 6

Once the indicator modules have been fitted, return the grille to its original location ensuring all clips line up with their holes. Once lined up push the grille hard in the clip area until you hear them fasten into place.

When the new grille is in place simply repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 in reverse. Firstly turn the lower grille clips back 90 degrees so they lock in place. Then reconnect your indicator bulbs into the modules. Finally push the black plastic circular clips back through the holes at the top of the grille area.

Fitting the grille is a fairly easy procedure and hopefully this guide helps! If there are any questions please contact me and i’ll do my best to assist. The Jimny ‘Classic’ grille is available to order now through Jenkins Suzuki Cardiff with 10% discount if you quote Welsh Jimny when ordering.