Five things I wish I'd known before ordering my Jimny.

There is so much to love about the Jimny, as soon as I drove one I just knew I was going to get my hands one somehow. However, having now done over 2,000 miles in mine a few things have cropped up that I wish I’d know before I ordered.

Some of the below are only relevant to the base SZ4 model (this was the only one available to me when ordering) but may be useful for anyone considering both the SZ4 and SZ5 models.

Number 1. The SZ4 model does not come with a leather steering wheel. When comparing between the Sz4 and Sz5 model there are a number of clear differences (no sat nav, alloy wheels, heated seats etc) however there is also a few things that I didn’t notice until I collected my SZ4. One of which was the lack of leather steering wheel, i’m really not a fan of plastic steering wheels as they just feel cheap are not nice to touch! I’m currently looking for a OEM style leather cover for mine or a replacement leather steering wheel. Just something to consider if you’re a steering wheel snob like me!


Number 2. Black paint marks really easily. Due to the high demand for Jimnys I didn’t really have any say in what colour mine was, nor was I that picky, I would have taken anything to get behind the wheel of one. However after 2,000 miles and a bit of minor off-roading I can confirm black paint is not only the hardest colour to keep clean, it shows brush marks very clearly. I’m told that the paint on the Jimny is quite thin which i’m sure doesn’t help, but after a few more adventures in mine a machine polish is going to be needed. If you’re considering a Jimny for more serious off-roading and have the opportunity to choose a colour, i’d avoid black.


Number 3. The SZ4 model doesn’t have the boot storage box as standard. Similarly to number 1 this is something I missed in the spec differences between the SZ4 and SZ5. All the demo cars I saw were SZ5 models which have a great little storage box in the boot behind the rear seats. This gives you a flat floor when the rear seats are folded down, unfortunately upon collection I found out the SZ4 doesn’t have this as standard. Not only does this mean a bit less boot convenience but many of the Suzuki Accessories like the rear load area tray require a flat floor for the to work effectively. The storage box is available to purchase separately, so a trip to Jenkins Suzuki Cardiff may be in order for me.


Number 4. The interior is a bit dark. I noticed this next point crop up in a few reviews I read before I ordered mine but didn’t really take any notice. A lot of reviewers made the point that the interior is a bit dark and doesn’t really match the quirky exterior. They loved the design of the interior but due to it all being very dark plastic it can look a bit dull. After owning mine for a few months i’m beginning to agree, a bit of colour on the dash or around the dials certainly wouldn’t go amiss! I think this is further exaggerated on my Jimny as because it’s black you don’t get any colour from around the doors visible on the interior. Hopefully we’ll see some more third party interior accessories starting to appear now the Jimny has been out for a few months.


Number 5. The USB slot will work your phone and not just charge it. All Jimny models come with a USB slot but don’t come with AUX leads for iPods etc. I normally keep an old iPod Touch in the car for music, podcasts etc and wanted an AUX cable to keep the USB free for phone charging or other devices. So I bought a AUX cable for the back of the head unit and planned on running it into the cabin, however when I plugged my iPhone in via the USB the content on the phone was not only playing through the head unit but was controllable using the head unit and steering wheel controls. Luckily I hadn’t started ripping out the head unit!


These are five very minor complaints, if I can narrow down my favourite bits to just five i’ll add that for the next blog entry!