How I got my hands on a new Jimny

My Jimny story began in December 2018 when my dad took a test drive in the new Jimny from Suzuki Bridgend and dropped into my house to show it off. I’d done some reading on the new Jimny throughout 2018 but never really considered it a car i’d actually want to own. My previous car history has been quite random to say the least, an assortment of classic Mercedes, five MINIs, various VWs and a P38 Range Rover, but most importantly nothing brand new, I was never really a fan of buying new and financing a car.

Needless to say that changed after I drove the Jimny for myself. I was instantly hooked with it’s comical handling, characterful engine and ever present off road potential. I also loved how it looked, the demo was a Kinetic Yellow SZ5 and whilst the yellow wouldn’t be my first choice, it still looked awesome. After a good test drive we took it back to the dealer full of excitement to then be told that there was at least a six month wait for one, which naturally burst my Jimny bubble!

Around a month went by and I hadn’t really thought about the Jimny due to the wait being so long, but then I started watching some YouTube videos, following Instagram profiles and just did some general reading on them, and thats when I decided I was going to see if I could do anything to get my hands on one without the big wait.

This was around mid January and my starting point was to visit my local dealers, Cardiff Suzuki said they could get one for a potential May delivery which was encouraging. To my amazement Suzuki Bridgend said they had a SZ5 for immediate delivery due to a cancelled order. Unfortunately this was out of my price range and they couldn’t process a fresh order on a SZ4, so I went back to the drawing board. From there I contacted as many dealers as I could further afield as it was apparent that the situation was different in every dealer.

My seventh call was to Suzuki Swansea and they had an unsold black SZ4 due in March that was a built car that was just awaiting shipping and was available to order. I arranged to see it first thing the following morning and after another quick test drive in their demo I placed the order!

Due to the car being built and awaiting shipping I was able to track the shipping from Japan and was lucky enough to see the car arriving much earlier that the estimated 19th March delivery date. I was very keen to get my hands on the Jimny as soon as possible, so took delivery at the earliest possible date which turned out to be 22nd February.


From placing an order, to collecting a car in around a month, much less than the six month to one year wait a number of people are being told. Below are some tips on how to get your hands on a new Jimny without the big wait:

  • There are over 150 Suzuki dealers in the UK and it appears the Jimny situation varies from dealer to dealer, so contact as many dealers as you can rather than just your local ones. Don’t be afraid to repeat this every week, the situation seems to change that quickly.

  • Don’t be picky spec wise! If you want a Jimny now you simply cannot be picky when it comes to colour and model, if a dealer has one available and you’re not bothered about colour, order it before someone else does.

  • The SZ4 models do have slightly less spec than the SZ5 so are often overlooked. But SZ4 models will still be sent to the dealers as part of their allocation, so more likely to be available much sooner.

  • Dealers appear to be having more cars than usual delivered at the start of each quarter so early April, July and October are the perfect times to be contacting them.

  • Join ‘2019 Suzuki Jimny UK’ on Facebook. This is a fast growing network of Jimny owners and expectant owners. Often members will share tip-offs about a car being available right away somewhere in the country.

Hopefully these pointers will help! Happy Jimny hunting!