My top 5 favourite things about the Jimmy!

I recently put together an article sharing some of my little gripes with the Jimny so thought best to turn the tables and share my five favourite things about it. This one was a struggle, purely because there's so much to love about the Jimny, but I've done my best to narrow it down to five!

Number 1. It's different. I've mentioned in the previous article that despite working in the motor trade marketing the latest prestige cars I've never really been that interested in new cars. Whilst I appreciate the technology and refinement in modern cars, older cars seem to just have much more charm and character, plus the majority of new stuff looks pretty similar in my opinion. But not the Jimny, it stands out compared to 99% cars on the market today, I think the designers got it absolutely spot on, it's a perfect combination of heritage and future proof styling.


Number 2. The Gear Change Noise. This one is a very quirky thing that certainly won't make sense to everyone! When you change gear with the window open you can actually hear the gear change underneath the car. In a world of super slick DSG gearboxes, the analogue feel and sound of the Jimny just adds to its charm. It's a random one I know!

Number 3. The Ride Quality. Another grumble I have with most modern cars is the ride comfort and road noise. It seems today the majority of cars have a level of sportiness engrained in them which makes them often stiff and uncomfortable when driven daily. This is certainly not the case with the Jimny, you only have to grab it by the roof rain gutters and wobble it to see how softly sprung it is! I will admit at speed on the motorway it can be quite bouncy but it's never harsh or crashy. This soft ride, as well as the soft cloth seats make it a very comfortable vehicle to do a long journey in.

Number 4. Everyone seems to love it. It's no secret the Jimny has caused a bit of a stir all over the world and people seem to really love it. Having owned my Jimny for around three months I've had a number of people chat to me when I've been going about my daily business such is people’s interest and curiosity about it. This was perfectly illustrated when I was working in our Aston Martin Bristol dealership and took the Jimny, despite having some of the world’s most exciting supercars delivered daily, it was the Jimny that caused the biggest stir when I parked it outside and the majority of the guys couldn't resist checking it out!

 Number 5. Its Off-road Capability. One of the most exciting things I'm keen to experience more during my ownership is the Jimny's off-road capability. I've done a bit of green laneing but nothing yet that has really tested it. I have a few organised off-road days booked in the coming months on purpose-built 4x4 sites which will hopefully allow me to see what it's really capable of!

There really is so much to love about the Jimny but that’s my top five favourite things about the Jimny! To read my ‘Things I’d wish I known about the Jimny’ article please click here.